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About Us


The mission of the firm is to reach the position of a leader in the production of elements of steering and suspension systems, providing our clients with the highest level of satisfaction.

Firm „Mototechnology” Józef Zborowski, General Partnership, belongs to the biggest polish producers of steering and suspension systems. Thirty years of experience in the automotive business allowed to reinforce our position on the market, allowed the high quality of our products and the competitive price.
In our offer we have a large range of steering shafts, tips of a rod, articulated joints of the rocking lever, connector of the stabilizer, rocking levers and many elements of the steering and suspension system for cars and delivery trucks.

Actually the firm is undergoing the systematic modernization and it is composed of two modern production plants, located in the south of Poland in the area of Bielsko district.

Thanks to a high level of technology and to the experience of employees, the firm can manage high quality requirements of a product and to produce details according to strict principles of designers and construction engineers. The main asset of our products is to apply the best quality materials and to dispose the modern technical and production base.

We specialize in the production of products executed by forging method hot and cold.

Plant has a forge equipped with three technological lines which can make forget shapes with the weight of up to 1,5 kg.

Mechanic processing of produced products we realize using the machines park equipped with numerically controlled machines. We also execute individual offers according to the specification submitted by clients.

The position of the firm and aspiration for constant extension of the offer contributed to introduction in 2006 of the innovative technology to forge light alloys. Using the effect of priority, as the first firm in Poland we offered a rocking lever made of alloy aluminum.

Administration of quality is the main element of the firm strategy. Taking into account the firm interest and the client satisfaction, the firm received the certificate of the System of Quality Management ISO 9001 and to undertaken the cooperation with the Institute of Car Transport and the Industrial Institute of Motorization, submitting voluntary for certification all groups of products, entitling them to mark by the security sign “B”. Received certificates are confirmation of the high quality of products, as well as assurance of professional client’ services, to whom we offer the commercial and technological cooperation.